Frequently Asked Questions

How long have you been a venue? We have operated as a venue since August of 2012.

Do you have preferred vendors? Yes. We maintain a short list of preferred vendors that we feel will do a great job for you. We work closely with our preferred vendors and they will save you coordination efforts because we handle many things directly with one another rather than with the client. Our preferred vendors do not pay a fee to be on our list. We have 3 caterers and one lighting and draping company considered preferred. The caterers represent various price points and menus. We provide our lists to all booked hosts.


Do you help with finding vendors for all of the needs for planning our event?Yes. We do have a more comprehensive list of Referred vendors that we provide to all booked hosts as well.

Are we allowed to use our own vendors? Yes. You are allowed to select and use your own caterer as long as they are licensed and insured. We do need to approve them. 

Can we use our favorite restaurant to cater? Yes. You are allowed to select and use a restaurant but they must have staff preparing, serving food, busing tables throughout the event and performing the cleanup etc at the end of the event.  We do not allow drop off catering. This is defined as a restaurant that drops off the food and leaves the serving, temperature control, food handling, table busing during event/service and cleaning to non employees of the restaurant.

Do you provide tables and chairs and who sets them up? Yes. See the pricing information sheet that details what we include. We will work with you to create a floor plan and then setup the tables and chairs for the event. If you rent the tables and chairs from an outside vendor then the company that rented the product is responsible for setting up and moving the furniture.

If we have a flip who manages it and moves the furniture? We do not charge an additional fee for a flip. Your caterer is responsible for the furniture movement during a flip. 

How much is the deposit/reservation fee to hold the date? A nonrefundable reservation fee of 50% of the cost of the space rental is required to reserve a date.

How far in advance should we book a date? The best advice is to book the date as soon as you are sure it is the date you need. If you want to book a Saturday or a peak season the sooner you book the more likely you will be to get the date you need. A venue can take only one booking for a date. A caterer, florist and many of the other vendors can take multiple bookings for the same date. This is why having a date and a location is the first place you need to start to plan your event.

Can we do our own decorating? Yes. We provide you with the guidelines. We love for the venue to reflect your style.

Do you allow real candles? Yes. All candles must be enclosed in glass. This means that votives and other real candle flames are allowed if they are not an open flame without glass around it.


Can we serve alcohol? Yes. All alcohol must be served by a licensed and insured bartender.  Typically your caterer has a licensed and insured bartender that they provide. If your caterer does not have one we can provide a list of staffing companies that you can hire that meet the licensing and insurance requirement. Host provides the alcohol. We are not involved in this transaction.

Do you allow alcohol sales? No. We do not allow alcohol sales at events.

Do you allow a sparkler sendoff? Yes. We have them on a regular basis and they make great pictures.

Do you allow glitter or confetti? No. 

We do not have an officiant locally. Can you refer one to us? Yes.


Do I need an event insurance policy? Yes. You need coverage for the dates of your event. We are an additional insured on the policy as well.