History of Church on Main

The Church on Main Southside Venue is not just a wedding venue near Chattanooga TN .....


The Church on Main is a wedding and event venue directly in the heart of downtown Chattanooga with a history that spans more than a century of celebrations and gatherings. Repurposed from a vacant building into a venue in 2012 it has been a landmark in the revitalization and growth of Chattanooga's Southside area. Today in addition to being predominately a venue it is also home to The Relevant Church Congregation on Sunday mornings since 2012.

Church was incorporated into the name out of practicality. When the owners described where the building was located people always commented "oh that is the old church off of Main Street."  It offers the perfect marriage of church building backdrop, venue, location and history for unique events and celebrations.


St James Methodist Episcopal Church-1904-1950's

New Hope Baptist-1950's to 1970's

The Church on Main -2009 Before the Rennovation

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