Church On Main Space Envisioned

Whether your style is vintage, shabby chic or industrial the space is the perfect backdrop for weddings, receptions and events. 

Customization of the space has been built-in to the design. Wall anchors, ceiling racking and other discrete hanging elements have been added to allow personalization of the space. The result is a unique opportunity to design and create your signature event experience.

The open and configurable space offers the opportunity for customizing a wedding venue or event layout.  Whether you have 50 or 250 guests the experience is intimate and memorable. The Church on Main can accommodate both a wedding and reception in the same location depending on the guest count and time of year. We work with you to create a floor plan that works for your guest count and goals for the specific type of event.

Church on Main Floor Plan Drawing
20150518 church on main_9298
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Floor Plan and Space
Sample Floor Plans
140-150 Guest Count Wedding in B facing C with A preset and B flipped
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175 Guest Full Flip Wedding in A
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210-230 Guest Count Reception Only
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150 Guest Count Partial flip of A
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190 Partial Flip Hybrid Setup
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170 Reception Only Buffet in A
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160 Reception Only  Food Stations
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150 Seated at Tables during Ceremony
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150 Reception Only
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Understanding the Space

Our space is incredibly versatile. This means that depending on the size of the event, time of year and desired flow there are many options. We help you with the design and configuration to produce a floor plan for you to use. 

Some basic terms for communicating about the space:

The space has 3 basic areas labeled A, B, and C are on the main floor.Additionally there is a bridal suite, a catering prep space, 5 bathrooms, 2 outdoor decks and a covered portico that can be used for outdoor appetizers, bar etc.. 

Area A:Space includes the stage

Area B:Space includes double doors just after the entryway and stairs

Area C:Space is entered through B. It features windows and is nicely separated yet attached to the event space.

A wedding and reception can be set up without flipping the space or may involve flipping the space depending on how you want to use the venue. An onsite consult is the best way to determine the best approach for your event.