5Wedding Timeline Creation Tips For The Perfect Day

Feeling Overwhelmed about where to begin the day of timeline? Whether you are creating your Wedding Timeline #weddingtimeline with the help of a wedding planner #weddingplanner or doing it yourself there are a few tips for getting organized for #wedding day success.

It sounds basic but read your contract. What is the start time and what is the end time for access to your venue? Don't overthink it at this point. Just determine many hours you have to work with for all of your desired activities? Your venue contract will dictate the core of your day. Once you have determined this you can add time before the venue contract start time and after for things that occur outside the venue.

Make a separate list of all of the activities you want to include on your wedding day #weddingdaytimeline . Sketch out a timeline using the venue start and end time and filling in the activities that need to take place in between these reference points. Start by adding the ceremony time to the guideline first.

Add three or four hours from the ceremony time for a typical reception. If this time still feels early remember you will have already had a long and fun day. The marker to add is the exit time.Most venues require cleanup to begin one hour before the contract ends. With these basic points on your wedding timeline you can decide how much time for setup is available.

Check out there wedding time lines on Pinterest for inspiration #weddingtimelinetemplate

Having a draft guideline of the hours for your wedding gives the wedding photographer #weddingphotographer and #weddingvideographer valuable information. They will have their own timelines for completing things like shot lists #weddingshotlist of your must have pictures. If you have hired your photographer for 8 hours and your contract is 12 you need to make sure you have their time when you want it. The exit is usually your last photo opportunity so the end time is an important placeholder in allocating the 8 hours.

Take a deep breath and remember you don't have to be the expert. You hire them! Your photographer will guide you. You just need to be able to communicate what time they have to work with to get the memory shots.

Add your DJ #weddingdj or band #weddingband to the timeline. Consider the contracted hours you have to work with when considering their arrival and departure and how that fits with your overall timeline. If you have a band they typically need a longer setup time than a DJ and need time when guests are not present to do a sound check that is more involved than a DJ.

Don' forget to plan for cleanup on your timeline and make assignments for what you need to do at the venue and who plans to do it for you. A good planner will give you a checklist and discuss what needs to be done and who needs to do it. You should enjoy your day and not have to worry about managing this so do the thought work in advance and ENJOY THE DAY!!

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