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. Category:Application software Category:Construction Category:Construction communication Category:Construction software Category:Construction management software Category:Microsoft development tools Category:Software development process Category:Software testingTeacher-managed clinic provides support for rural parents For more than 10 years, Tadashi and Maryann LaBarge have provided hands-on help to parents who needed it at the small county clinic in Custer County where they work. Often, it was just after school had let out, and it was all hands on deck at the clinic. For example, according to Maryann LaBarge, “My friend Heather would come down and hand out assignments for her kids in the afternoon. I’d come over and we’d spend hours in the garage helping kids or doing homework with them. It was a big help because it kept them away from the parents with full loads of work. “We’d get one kid and spend half an hour helping them, and then the others wanted that time, so it wasn’t hard to say, ‘You go.’ Or sometimes, because we weren’t paying the parents, we just spent time with them, teaching them and having them help us. It helped parents have time with their kids that night. It’s one of the few jobs I’ve ever had that gave me so much free time.” Another example comes from when a volunteer from St. Stephen’s Bible Church in Minden “came down to the clinic to do some work with me. We were trying to help a patient who was going through a divorce. It was painful. She felt she could help.” On the other side of the coin, with his own children, Tadashi LaBarge frequently found himself fighting with them, “but one of the times I had all three, I was fighting with them, and I had all three kids on the floor and I just started crying and crying. I had to get off the floor.” Their work is primarily community-based medicine and, as Maryann LaBarge says, “We’ve never charged a penny for this service. I give hours.” Tadashi LaBarge would add, “Without this service, it’s doubtful if most of our patients would make it through their illnesses.”

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The Paper Album - Joe Rubin - Twitter

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