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All Things Measured

A few of the commonly requested measurements to help with planning

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Floor Plan of Space

The floor plan can answer questions for a number of your vendors.  We divide our floor plan into 3 major sections for ease of reference.  Dimensions are listed for each space and combined you can get the dimension for the main space as a whole.  

There are additional spaces not listed. The video goes into more detail.


Stair Railings and Front Door

Garlands on stairs are popular. The general measurements are as follows:

Stair Rail Measurements


Railing: Bottom segment 33”

Mid segment: 95”

Top segment 94”


The Front door- the door is 4’3” wide.


Size of Tables for linens

Table Size and Floor Length Tablecloth (TC)


High Boys

36” Round -TC Length 120” Round

(select at least 132” round for highboy if you want to tie TC and have feet of table covered)

Low Boys

36” Round -with 30" height

Cake Table

48" Round (seats 6) also for cake table-Table linen length 108"



48" Round (seats up to 6) 

60" Round (seats up to 10)TC length -120" Round

6' Banquet (seats up to 6) TC length -90" x 132"

8' Banquet (seats up to 8)TC length -90" x156


Window Openings

There are a number of ways you can count the windows. If you count the windows with glass it is the following:

Area A  Main Space: 5 (Groom Space Not included)

Area B Main Space: 6

Area C Main Space: 5

Stairs: 2

These are marked on the floor plan.

If you count only window shaped openings that might be used for a decoration but are not actually windows it is the following:

Area A  Main Space: 4

Area B Main Space: 4

We don' provide measurements for windows. The building is more than a 100 years. Almost every window is different.


Doors and other  Openings

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